CHIVO's Binnacle List

A binnacle was the stand on which the ship's compass was mounted.   The binnacle list gets its name from the ancient nautical practice of posting the ship's sick list on the binnacle each morning for the captain.

Here is the binnacle list of our shipmates who are struggling with health issues and would apprectiate some encouragement.   Remember - a simple card, letter, email, or phone call can do wonders to cheer up your friends and shipmates.

Stephen "Budda" Bien   ENC(SS)  1962-64

(May 2017)   Hello, Stan   Thanks for checking in on me.   I turned 90 years old in February.   I still have my wits about me and I am pretty mobile.   My eyesight has left me due to glaucoma and cornea erosion.   I had corneal transplant earlier this month and slowly seeing a little bit of shadows.
My wife Margaret passed away late 2016.   My daughter takes care of my needs.
I appreciate your hard work and devotion to keeping up with all the Chivo shipmates.
Chief Stephen (Sarge) Bien
Chivo 1962-64

(March 2016)   Stephen's daughter writes: The chief is doing fine.   Thank you for the info on the newsletter we really appreciate it.   He's 89 years old now doing real well here in Florida.   He wishes that he could be in touch with you like he used to but since he's not be able to see you anymore, he appreciates every time you send us information on the Chivo.   Thank you very much

(September 2012)   Stephen's daughter writes:   Ahoy everyone!
I am writing on behalf of Stephen because his eyesight has diminished to the point that it keeps him off the computer.   The vision loss has been a progressive one over years but greatly accelerated since August.   For a while, it looked like it might improve but alas it has left him again.   We have prepared for the possibility of blindness.
Keep those emails coming.   He may not have his vision but he still has his mind and his opinions!   Margaret reads the emails to him which is endearing to observe.
Thanks for all the wonderful friendship and continued sharing . . . Stephanie Bien

You can send cards and letters to Stephen "Budda" Bien at:

Stephen T. Bien
19339 Hidden Oaks Drive
Brooksville FL 34604

Email: 3kisses (at)

William Jeter Brock   ENC(SS)  1968-71 decom

(February 2021)   Jeter Brock was a career submariner and attended many of our reunions.   He served on:

Jeter's wife sends this information about his medical conditions:

Jeter has had Lymphoma for about three years now, slow growing at first, but now starting up again.

He has Vascular Dementia.   He got Covid in November, and since then his dementia has gotten worse.   Some days he remembers older times and things, and he starts packing to go out to sea.   Other days nothing.

He has Atrial Fibrillation (Afib) but won't wear his CPAP machine (says nothings wrong with him).

Jeter is now walking with a walker, (if I harp at him) keeps falling because he won't use it.   He weighs 147 pounds and has no control of his bladder or bowels.   So I guess that's about all.   Enough huh?

I will be seeing a VA Service Officer, but don't think I can get any help.   I need to get all his DD214's from day one, all his medical records for the last seven years, and medical records for what he is already drawing VA money for.

Please tell all the guys to get their documents and stuff in order for their wives.

Thanks again,     Dee

Both Dee and Jeter could use your prayers and words of encouragement.   You can contact them at:

William J. Brock
5793 Sunview Drive
Milton FL 32570-8269

Email:   pollie22 (at)

Joanne & John Hedum   TM2(SS)  1952-56

TM2(SS) John Hedum served onboard Chivo 1952 - 1956.   He and his wife, Joanne, have been to almost every one of our reunions.   Unfortunately Joanne suffers from Parkinson’s disease, and recently spent 3 days in the hospital for hip replacement surgery.

(June 2020)   John writes:   I'm doing fine.   Joanne has improved after her hip surgery, but has occasional problems with freezing in place, unable to get her legs to move.   Also she has always had claustrophobia (hard for a submariner to understand) which seems exaggerated now.   I take care of most of the household duties which upsets her.   She has always been an independent woman.   We hope to be able to come to the next reunion.

Right now, life is really difficult for both Joanne and John.   I am sure that they would like to hear some encouragement from their reunion friends and shipmates.   You can send cards and letters to Joanne and John at:

John & Joanne Hedum
2710 Wyndham Lane
Orlando FL 32808-3342

Email: jnjhedum (at)
Phone: 407-293-9438

William C. "Bill" Priest   ETRSN  1964-1965

(Aug 2018)   Bill and Ruthann Priest came to some of our earlier reunions.   Ruthann just informed me that Bill is suffering from dementia and won’t be able to participate in any more of our gatherings.
Life is really difficult for someone with dementia and even more difficult for their caregiver.   I am sure that Ruthann and Bill would like to hear some words of encouragement from their reunion friends and shipmates.

You can send cards and letters to Ruthann at:

Ruthann Priest
13230 Elkwood Court
Midlothian VA 23112-1434

Chris & Brent Taylor   LCDR   XO 1968-70

LCDR Brent Taylor was Chivo's Executive Officer in 1968-1970.   Brent and Chris are Chivo reunion regulars and have been to almost every reunion.   Over the years they have mailed out Chivo newsletters, assisted me with many ideas and have been very supportive of our organization.   Brent sent me this information about his wife, Chris:

(December 2020)   In August, Chris suffered a stroke while recovering from knee replacement surgery.   She was rushed to a hospital in Jacksonville and stayed there until November 5th.   Since then she has been transferred to two different recovery hospitals.   It was hoped that Chris would be home for Christmas, but she is still in Brooks Skilled Rehab Center in Jacksonville, FL.   Her recovery is progressing slowly, and she will never be herself again.   We’ll need a nurse at house.   I bought a wheelchair van and had a ramp built up to side door of house for her return one day soon(?).   We will probably not make another reunion.
Breaks my heart,

I am sure that both Chris and Brent could use your prayers and words of encouragement.   You can contact them at:

Brent & Chris Taylor
418 12th Street
St. Simons GA 31522-4906

Email:   btandct (at)

Sherrell E. "Wolgy" Wolgamuth   ET2(SS)  1953-1956

(Sept 2016)   Wolgy is living in an assisted living facility in Chesapeake Beach, MD and struggling with many debilitating health issues.   Wolgy never missed a Chivo reunion until health issues prevented him from coming to our DC gathering.   In fact, Wolgy and Hoppy Hewitt were at Chivo’s very first "reunion planning session" in 2000, and they provided key information on how we could locate most of the Chivo crew through the National Archives.   In a very real sense, Wolgy was one of the Chivo reunion organization founders.

Wolgy’s health has steadily declined, and he could sure use your prayers and some words of encouragement.   You can send mail to Wolgy at:

Sherrell E. Wolgamuth
8305 F. Street
Chesapeake Beach, MD 20732

Thanks for remembering your shipmates, and be sure to let me know if you know of any other shipmates who need to be included on the CHIVO binnacle list.   Contact me at