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Pictures of USS CHIVO
and her crew

Here are pages and pages of memories of the USS Chivo (SS-341) and her crew from the first great years in the mid 1940's through her decommissioning in 1971 and even a few pictures of her second career in Argentina when Chivo was renamed Santiago del Estero (S-22).  

The photographs all have captions.   Unfortunately, our memories are not as reliable as the camera, so some images may not have names and there may be some unintentional errors.   If you find a mistake or can fill in the name of a forgotten shipmate, contact me at 341.stan@gmail.com.   

Remember, you can double-click on each thumbnail image to get a full-sized picture.

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periscope view

We're collecting pictures of the USS Chivo and her crew for display on our web page.

If you have electronic images, send them to me at 341.stan@gmail.com.   The preferred format is JPG, but other formats are acceptable.  Include as much information as possible: date, location, who is in the picture, etc., and I'll include your photographs on future web pages.


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