09 Reunion Pics pg 5

Reunion 09 - Kenneth Ziegler (62-64) at the auction. (r09m1340) (McAleer).

We really had a large crowd at our 09 reunion. (r09m1342) (McAleer).

The hospitality room was always full at the reunion. (r09m1343) (McAleer).

K.C. "Moon" Mullins (54-56) at our 09 reunion. (r09m1344) (McAleer).

Joan and Jim Cullip (55-58) at our 09 reunion. (r09m1345) (McAleer).

Reunion 09 - Everyone gathers in the hospitality room for the auction. (r09m1359) (McAleer).

T.J. Parker (62-68) and James Hodge (55-58) gets the auction started. (r09m1360) (McAleer).

Our very own auctioneer, Joe Magee (64-65), proves that he can sell anything to a submariner. (r09m1361) (McAleer).

Winton "Hoppie" Hewitt (53-56) and Loren Jacobsen (55-57). (r09m1362) (McAleer).

Reunion 09 - (L to R) William Dixon (46-47), P.O. Melton (64-70), Mike Kemp (66-69), and Roy Van Dyne (60-62). (r09m1365) (McAleer).

Larry Hendrix (66-69) is looking good in his new hat. (r09m1368) (McAleer).

James Townsend (64-68) and Roberta Vandale Moore. (r09m1370) (McAleer).

Stan and Becky Stiles. (r09m1377) (McAleer).

At our 09 reunion we voted to take the next reunion to Baton Rouge, LA. (r09m1378) (McAleer).

Bill Elrod (68-69). (r09m1379) (McAleer).

Mermaid Judy. (r09m1380) (McAleer).

Don Morris (63-66). (r09m1381) (McAleer).

Reunion 09 - William and Trish Tallant (64-67). (r09m1387) (McAleer).

Reunion 09 - Tommy "TJ" Parker (62-68) and James Townsend (64-68). (r09m1390) (McAleer).

Reunion 09 - Timothy Fullerton, son-in-law of William Dixon (46-47). (r09m1391) (McAleer).

The Chivo model was initially won by Brent Taylor (68-70) who donated it back then John Clarke (60-64) won the model on the second drawing. (r09m1392) (McAleer).