09 Reunion Pics pg 7

Pizza, pictures, and beer - (L to R) "Hoppie" Hewitt (53-56), John Hedum (52-56), Lawrence Brown (54-56), Paul Lopez (52-56), and Jack Cooper (56-57) at our 09 reunion. (r09m1341) (McAleer).

Reunion 09 - Chick McAleer (68-70) and P.O. Melton (64-70). (r09m1389) (McAleer).

Reunion 09 - Bonifacio and Belen Cleto. (r09m1407) (McAleer).

Reunion 09 - Jean and Chick McAleer poolside before the banquet. (r09m1409) (McAleer).

Reunion 09 - Judy and Willie Taylor. (r09m1411) (McAleer).

Reunion 09 - Lorraine and Richard Kala. (r09m1413) (McAleer).

Do we need to ask David Scott why he comes to the reunions? (r09m1417) (McAleer).

June and Willard Siscel. (r09m1419) (McAleer).

The 2009 Reunion Banquet. (r09m1421) (McAleer).

Mermaid Judy. (r09m1422) (McAleer).

P.O. Melton (64-70) and Pat "Mackey" McCollum (64-70). (r09m1424) (McAleer).

We had music and a dance after the banquet. (r09m1429) (McAleer).

We had dance instructor to demonstrate the "Shag". (r09m1431) (McAleer).

Our instructors tried to teach us the "Shag". (r09m1432) (McAleer).

Slow dancing to the music. (r09m1433) (McAleer).

We even had some who loved to Polka. (r09m1434) (McAleer).

Our very own Village People - Richard Kala, Jim Hodge, Loren Jacobsen, and Don Morris. (r09m1435) (McAleer).

2009 Ladies Luncheon (L to R) Belen Cleto, Linda Ogden, and Marianne Fresh. (r09p1426) (Pollard).