2013 Reunion Pictures Pg 03

Reunion 13 - Carol Pollard talks with our tour guide, Brooks Breece, as we gather for the Capitol tour. (r13m1574) (McAleer).

Reunion 13 - Jean McAleer is ready (r13m1575) (McAleer).

Reunion 13 - And the crew begins to gather (r13m1576) (McAleer).

Reunion 13 - Rey & Barb Plourd check in (r13m1577) (McAleer).

Reunion 13 - Bonifacio Cleto, Jim Landherr, Ken & Barb Ziegler, Doris Hauk and Tom Ede (r13m1578) (McAleer).

Reunion 13 - Eric Pollard put 6 yrs on nuc subs and his son, Liam, joined us (r13m1579) (McAleer).

Reunion 13 - Chuck Downs and Francis Daigle (r13m1580) (McAleer).

Reunion 13 - We had beautiful weather. The umbrella was so we could find our guide in a crowd (r13m1581) (McAleer).

Reunion 13 - Time to load up (r13m1582) (McAleer).

Reunion 13 - We always have a big turn-out for our tours (r13m1583) (McAleer).

Reunion 13 - Counting heads. I don't think we left anyone behind in DC (r13m1584) (McAleer).

Reunion 13 - Arriving in DC past the American History Museum (r13m1585) (McAleer).

Reunion 13 - And the National Archives (r13m1586) (McAleer).

Reunion 13 - We get a first glimpse of the Capitol (r13m1587) (McAleer).

Reunion 13 - Our bus was able to take us to the top of Capitol hill, so we didn't have far to walk (r13m1588) (McAleer).

Reunion 13 - Our first stop (r13m1589) (McAleer).

Reunion 13 - It's walking from here (r13m1590) (McAleer).

Reunion 13 - We arrive at the Capitol Visitor Cenetr (r13m1591) (McAleer).