1946 Pictures - pg 1

Chivo, circa 1946 (Don Boberick)(b46b0095).

Chivo's aft 40 MM gun mount - taken in Pearl in 1946 while she still had her original decks (Bultmann)(b46b0378).

1946 - Note the empty rocket launchers on Chivo's forward deck. A large cliff on the island Molakai had been used for a target, but Chivo's rockets missed by a mile. In frustration, the skipper had the 5 inch 25 gun crew put a couple of rounds in the target before securing from that embarrassment. According to Gerry Bultmann, the only real damage the rocket launchers ever caused was to break a chief's leg (Bultmann)(b46b0389).

1946 - Underway from Pearl Harbor to Subic Bay (Bultmann)(b46b0390).

1946 - USS CHIVO arriving in San Diego (Harrigan)(b46h1038).

1946 - USS CHIVO has just arrived in pearl from Subic. The diving tower is in the background (Harrigan)(b46h1074).

1946 (Left to Right) Durrant, Demarsche, Behrens (Bultman)(c46b0020).

1946 (Left to Right) GM2(SS) Bartorelli, TM3(SS) Bultmann (Bultmann)(c46b0023).

1946 (Left to Right) top row ?,? 3rd row ?, ETM1 Elles, SN Clark 2nd row ST1 Green front row SN Kingston, CS3 Germain, RM2 Brooks (Bultmann) (c46b0024)

1946 - Moored alongside the tender in San Diego - Gerry Bultmann TM3(SS) has only one week left before going home (Bultmann)(c46b0379).

1946 - Ralph Bartorelli GM2(SS) poses topside on the Puffer - "Flag Ship" and a highly decorated submarine in Chivo's squadron at Pearl (Bultmann)(c46b0380).

1946 - Lovers ? (L to R) FN(SS) Richard Nelson and RM3(SS) James Morrison (Harrigan)(c46h1029).

1946 - Robert Harrigan and George Meidlinger (Harrigan)(c46h1031).

1946 - S/1c James "Brownie" Brown (Plankowner) on lookout (Harrigan)(c46h1032).

1946 - The CHIVO crew's watering hole in San Diego. It also served as their home address when on leave (Harrigan)(c46h1035).

1946 - The CHIVO crew also hung out at The Gay Nineties club in San Diego. Robert Harrigan on the left (Harrigan)(c46h1036).

1946 - USS CHIVO crew. Robert Harrigan is first man on left standing in front of the deck gun (Harrigan)(c46h1040).

1946 - ET2(SS) John Lenton and MoMM1(SS) William Reitz (Harrigan)(c46h1043).

1946 - MoMM2(SS) George Meidlinger, Plankowner, looking out over the east end of the bay (Harrigan)(c46h1067).

1946 - CS3(SS) Devaughn "Red" Wilder leans on CHIVO's 5" gun mount in Pearl Harbor (Harrigan)(c46h1073).

Circa 1945/46 - Brass torpedo tube tag from CHIVO (Bultmann) (m46b0506).