1946 Pictures - pg 3

1946 - CHIVO underway from Subic to Pearl (Harrigan)(b46h1058).

1946 - View of the After Engine Room through the hull patch (Harrigan)(b46h1059).

1946 - View of the After Engine Room through the hull patch (Harrigan)(b46h1060).

1946 - USS CHIVO at Pedro for a paint job. They sprayed at night, hull got wet, and the paint all pulled away on the trip back to San Diego (Harrigan)(b46h1064).

San Diego 1946 - Looking at the USS Nerius from the bow of the USS Sperry (Harrigan)(b46h1080).

Circa 1946 - Chivo underway (Lammer).

Circa 1945-46 - CHIVO - possibly degausing in Pearl (Medzius)(b46m0660).

1946 - Chivo's first skipper, CDR William R. Crutcher, at Subase Pearl (Bultmann)(c46b0381).

Pearl Harbor - 1946 - The Goat Boat's Goat Locker - The Chiefs - Second from left is TMC(SS) Rolla "Stu" Stuart, Chief of the Boat (Bultmann)(c46b0387).

Pearl Harbor - 1946 - Moored in the background is a surrendered Japanese sub. Chivo later sank the sub in deep water off Oahu with a Mk 14 torpedo. The Chivo crew member coming out of the hatch is unknown (Bultmann)(c46b0388).

1946 - (L to R) SM2/QM2(SS) Nelson Gidcumb, MoMM1(SS) James Cooney, and MoMM1(SS) William Reitz (Harrigan)(c46h1015).

1946 - MoMM2(SS) George Meidlinger (Harrigan)(c46h1016).

1946 - MoMM2(SS) George Meidlinger (Harrigan)(c46h1017).

1946 - At the beer party in Guam. RT2(SS) John Daly in center (Harrigan)(c46h1056).

1946 - SN(SS) Robert J. Harrigan at the signal light (Harrigan)(c46h1057).

1946 - George Meidlinger at the After Engine Room controls (Harrigan)(c46h1061).

1946 - Jim Griffiths, Jack Kennedy, and Terrance Rehmann wait for a bus to take them to the beer party on Guam (Harrigan)(c46h1062).

1946 - MoMM1(SS) Vernon James Cooney and MoMM1(SS) William E. Reitz (Harrigan)(c46h1063).

1946 - TM2(SS) Junious "Red" Nicholson at Pearl Harbor (Harrigan)(c46h1078).

1946 - SN(SS) John Kingston at Pearl Harbor (Harrigan)(c46h1079).

1946 - Chivo's crew (Lammer)(c46l0015).