1946 Pictures - Pg 4

1946 - USS CHIVO shows her teeth in drydock (Harrigan)(b46h1068).

1946 - The after torpedo tubes of USS CHIVO in drydock. She can be dangerous going away too (Harrigan)(b46h1069).

1946 - USS CHIVO in drydock in Pearl Harbor (Harrigan)(b46h1070).

1946 - USS CHIVO in drydock in Pearl Harbor (Harrigan)(b46h1071).

1946 - USS CHIVO in drydock in Pearl Harbor (Harrigan)(b46h1072).

1946 - SN(SS) Billy Joe Hannah (Harrigan)(c46h1018).

Plankowner EM3(SS) Terry Rehmann 44-46 is front row right and TM2(SS) Joseph Medzius (45-46) bends over just behind the hatch with his right hand on the hatch. Other 1946 crew members remain unidentified. (Harrigan)(c46h1019).

1946 - SN(SS) Joseph Clark on deck watch (Harrigan)(c46h1020).

1946 - (L to R) MoMM1(SS) Samuel Elder, GM1(SS) LeRoy Swettnam, RM3(SS) James Morrison, and TMC(SS) Rolla Stuart COB (Harrigan)(c46h1021).

1946 - MoMM2(SS) George Meidlinger on the stairs coming up from the beach in San Diego (Harrigan)(c46h1022).

1946 - MoMM1(SS) Samuel "Pete" Elder Plankowner (Harrigan)(c46h1023).

1946 - MoMM1(SS) Vernon James Cooney going to the shower on the drydock (Harrigan)(c46h1024).

1946 - (L to R) MoMM2(SS) Homer McDaniel and MoMM3(SS) Andrew Wallo (Wallow ?) (Harrigan)(c46h1025).

1946 - (L to R) MoMM1(SS) Vernon James Cooney and MoMM2(SS) George Meidlinger (Harrigan)(c46h1026).

1946 - (L to R) MoMM2(SS) George Meidlinger and MoMM1(SS) William Reitz (Harrigan)(c46h1027).

1946 - (L to R) MoMM3(SS) Andrew Wallo (Wallow ?) and MoMM1(SS) Samuel Elder (Harrigan)(c46h1028).

1946 - CS3(SS) Devaughn "Red" Wilder taken at Pedro (Harrigan)(c46h1065).

1946 - GM2(SS) Ralph Bartorelli and MoMMC(SS) Lawrence Trojan (Harrigan)(c46h1066).

1946 - For a short period of time, CHIVO was outfitted with 12 rocket launchers forward instead of a deck gun. Bill Whitney leans on the old JT sound head with one of the launchers immediately behind him while QM3(SS) Bill Heinzman stands beside him. Can anyone supply more info about the rocket launchers? (Whitney)(c46w0473).

Circa 1945/46 - Brass torpedo tube tag from CHIVO (Bultmann) (m46b0507).

1946 - The CHIVO crew hung out at The Gay Nineties club in San Diego (Harrigan)(m46h1037).