1948 & 1949 Pictures

Diving stations in control (USS Ling-NJNM)(b01p0092).

Oct 31, 1948 Chivo submerges during the Seattle Sea Fair (Hagen)(b48h0135).

Chivo underway, circa 1948 (Rainwater)(b48r0014).

Circa 1948 - Chivo shears in a nest of boats at Subic Bay, PI (Schoessel)(b48s0013).

Russ Holscher ETSN(SS) 45-48 (Hagen)(c48h0136).

1949 - Leo "Doc" Carter 48-52 (head surgeon and pecker checker) proudly displays CHIVO's extensive sick bay (Carter)(c49c0651).

2005 - Orem A. "Soupy" Campbell EN2(SS) 49-52 performs memorial services in Florida for sub vets that have departed on Eternal Patrol (Campbell) (c49c0898).

1949 - Hubert "Hump" Dowell in Key West (Hartman)(c49h0066).

1949 - Eldon Hartman in Key West (Hartman)(c49h0067).