1951 Pictures - pg 1

December 1951 - USS Chivo underway from GTMO to Santiago, Cuba (C. Davis).

December 1951 - USS Chivo rides low in the water shortly after surfacing and before the LP Blower can empty the ballast tanks (C. Davis).

1951 - An unknown Chivo sailor, Lt Beck's wife, and another Chivo officer enjoy liberty in Nassau (C. Davis)(c51d0356).

July 21, 1951 - D.R. "Pappy" Pendergraph ET1(SS) topside in Nassau (C. Davis)(c51d0357).

July 21, 1951 - CHIVO moored in Nassau (C. Davis)(c51d0358).

1951 - Bob Weaver EN1(SS) on shore patrol duty in Nassau (C. Davis)(c51d0359).

21 July 1951 - SD3(SS) Henry Williams stands a topside watch while inport at Nassau in the Bahamas (C. Davis)(c51d0397).

March 1951 - Easter Sunday morning and Charlie Davis ET2(SS) assumes the "Perch" outside of Mike's Sandwich Shop in New London. Maybe it was something that Mike put in his sandwiches (C. Davis)(c51d0398).

1951 - FN(SS) Robert Kilgore and ET2(SS) Charlie Davis celebrate the 4th of July at Groton Park in New London (C. Davis)(c51d0400).

1951 - Robert Kilgore and Kenneth Landau enjoy the 4th of July at the Groton Park Beach in Groton (C. Davis)(c51d0401).

July 21, 1951 - ET3(SS) George Lanes and EN1(SS) Bob Weaver on shore patrol duty in Nassau (C. Davis)(c51d0437).

1950-51 - Mrs Davis' little boy - Charlie (C. Davis)(c51d0442).

1951 - TN(SS) Paul H. Williams (C. Davis)(c51d0443).

1951 - ST1(SS) Roland (Stinky) Sinclair (on the left) with an unknown friend (C. Davis)(c51d0444).

Circa 1951 - "Mom's Tea House" in Key West, a popular R & R spot where many sailors learned about "Wine, Women, & Sin" (C. Davis) (m51d0825).