1951 Pictures - pg 2

1951 - USS CHIVO moored at Key West (C. Davis).

1951 - Chivo entering Havana, Cuba (Geyer)(b51g0028).

1951 - George Lanes ET3(SS) on shore patrol duty in Nassau (C. Davis)(c51d0360).

1951 - Life at sea in the Forward Torpedo Room - Sitting down is the room watch, TM1(SS) Albert Smith; standing to his right is FN(SS) Robert Kilgore, standing and holding the bunk is TM3(SS) Paul Burdelsky, and in the upper bunk is TM3(SS) Thomas McGinnely (C. Davis)(c51d0361).

1951 - We had to hold down RM2(SS) Orville Horton to get this picture, but the others seem pretty happy (C. Davis)(c51d0362).

New London, Ct. 25 Mar 1951 - SN Henry Hamm perches on a bird bath in front of Mike's Sandwich Shop. I'm not sure why sailors do things like that, but the "Fonz" could learn a few things about how to dress cool from Henry (C. Davis)(c51d0396).

7-4-1951 - FA Kenneth Landau at the Groton Park Beach in Groton (C. Davis)(c51d0402).

1951 - SA Henry Hamm in front of Fort Griswald in Groton, CT (C. Davis)(c51d0434).

July 4, 1951 - Groton Park Beach - FA Kenneth Landau gives a creative bust enhancement to FN Robert Gilmore (C. Davis)(c51d0435).

July 4, 1951 - Groton Park Beach - FN Robert Gilmore takes the submariner's approach to getting a sun tan (C. Davis)(c51d0436).

1951 - ETSN(SS) George D. Lanes (C. Davis)(c51d0445).

1951 - RM2(SS) Orville "Ollie" Horton 50-52. Sorry about the picture quality. It's an extreme blow up (C. Davis)(c51d0488).

1951 - ET1(SS) "Pappy" Pendergraph (C. Davis)(c51d0493).

1951 - FA Kenneth Landau and ET2(SS) Charles Davis on the beach in New London, CT (C. Davis)(c51d0495).

Chivo memorial plaque by EN2(SS) Orem Campbell 49-52.