1952 Pictures

1952 - USS CHIVO entering Gibraltar (C. Davis)(b52d0423).

Circa 1952 - USS CHIVO in Key West (C. Davis)(b52d0441).

May 1952 - Chivo arrives at Marseilles, France (Horton)(b52h0181).

1952 - Chivo in Cannes, FR (D. Jaeger)(b52j0122).

1952 - A bow shot of Chivo in Cannes, FR (D. Jaeger)(b52j0123).

1952 - USS CHIVO moored in Marseilles, France alongside a radar picket sub (Mahoney)(b52m0661).

Azores 1952 - Chivo with the Palau battle group (national Archives)(b52n0041).

1952 - ET2(SS) Charlie Davis says that Key West was at the end of the world - or the beginning - depending on which side of the sign you were on (C. Davis)(c52d0447).

1952 - Swim call in Cannes, FR (D. Jaeger)(c52j0120)

1952 - Swim call in Cannes, FR - The bow planes rigged out make a great raft. (D. Jaeger)(c52j0121)

1952 - EMFN(SS) "Ziggy" Zwiller in Key West (Norton)(c52n0183).

1952 - Penny, Pamela, and Ltjg Frederick Powers (51-53) in Key West (Wilder) (c52p1481).

2002- EM2 Perry E. Rodebaugh, 1952, Eternal Patrol April 21, 2002 (Rodebaugh) (c52r0498).