1953 Pictures - pg 2

1953 - USS CHIVO moored in the Panama Canal Zone (Hedum) (b53h0744).

1953 - CHIVO entering the locks in Panama. Notice the locomotive "mule" used to move ships through the locks (Hedum) (b53h0745).

1953 - CHIVO inside one of the locks in Panama (Hedum) (b53h0746).

Early 50's - Garbage collectors in Kingston, Jamaica (Hedum) (b53h0747).

1953 - Looking aft from Chivo with the tender in the background as the training sub SST-1 approaches (Norton) (b53n0194).

Chivo with a step sail, circa 1953 (Rainwater) (b53r0030).

Chivo with a step sail, circa 1953 (Mike Rainwater) (b53r0098).

Swim Call 1953 - TM3(SS) Daniel Doar (52-56) (Hedum) (c53h0754).

Swim Call 1953 (Hedum) (c53h0755).

Swim Call 1953 - (in front) TM2(SS) John Hedum (52-56) and YN3(SS) Richard Reitz (53-56) (Hedum) (c53h0756).

1953 - (L to R) SO3(SS) Robert Cannon (52-56), YN3(SS) Richard Reitz (53-56), SN(SS) Richard Shafer (52-54), and EM3(SS) James Morris (51-54) (Hedum) (c53h0757).

1953 - (L to R) FN(SS) Sal Salerno (52-53) and QM3(SS) Paul Lopez (52-56) in Chivo's maneuvering room (c53l1167) (Lopez).

1953 - TM3(SS) Daniel Doar (52-56) in Chivo's forward torpedo room (c53l1169) (Lopez).

1953 - QM3(SS) Paul Lopez (52-56) on board USS Sennet (SS-408) (c53l1170) (Lopez).

Key West 1953 - Dean Haney, Dick Reitz, & John Hedum (Norton) (c53n0073).

1953 - George Cunningham hitting the beach in Ft. Lauderdale (Norton) (c53n0074).

1953 - Dick Reitz (Norton) (c53n0075).

1954 - Richard Weene on the beach in Ft. Lauderdale, shortly after returning from Panama (Norton) (c53n0076).

1953 - Transiting Panama - (L to R) YN3(SS) Henry Weber (52-54, unknown, and TM2(SS) John Hedum (52-56) (Norton) (c53n0077).

Panama 1953 - Dean Haney & Ziggy Zwiler (Norton) (c53n0078).

ET2(SS) Charles Davis (50-53) has a classy Ney York license plate (Davis) (m06d1116).