1954 Pictures - pg 1

954 - USS Chivo and USS Chopper moored alongside the USS Bushnell (b54l1176) (Lopez).

Circa 1954 - USS Chivo (SS-341) (b54l1183) (Lopez).

1954 - USS Chivo's hull being scraped in drydock in Key West (b54l1188) (Lopez).

1954 - Chivo's bridge during degaussing in Norfolk, VA (b54l1189) (Lopez).

1954 - USS Chivo degaussing in Norfolk, VA (b54l1224) (Lopez).

Circa 1954 - USS Chivo moored in Key West, FL (b54l1229) (Lopez).

May 4, 1954 - Genoa, Italy (L to R) USS Joseph P. Kennedy DD-850, USS Fred T. Berry DDE-858, USS McCaffery DDE-860, USS Norris DDE-859, and USS Chivo with another unknown sub. Note the "Mediterranean moors" (fantails to the pier or quay walls) which was commonplace in those days (Seery) (b54s1125).

Sept 1954 - EN A school grads at Great Lakes, IL - The EN3(SS) in the front row is a CHIVO crew member - Vernon "Max" Arrell (52-54). (Adams) (c54a0824).

1954 - QM3(SS) Paul E. Lopez 52-56 (Hedum) (c54h1091).

1954 - (L to R) TM2(SS) K.C. "Moon" Mullins (54-56) EM2(SS) Don Burger (54-55) (Hedum) (c54h1092).

1954 - SN(SS) Billy Robbins 51-54 (Hedum) (c54h1095).

1954 - YN3(SS) Richard "Cornstalk" Reitz 53-56 (Hedum) (c54h1096).

1954 - EM2(SS) Winton "Hoppy" Hewitt (53-56) at the pool in Key West (c54l1205) (Lopez).

1954 - YN3(SS) Richard "Cornstalk" Reitz (53-56) and EM2(SS) Winton "Hoppy" Hewitt (53-56) (c54l1207) (Lopez).

1954 - QM1(SS) Eugene McNamee (52-56) sewing in Chivo's Conning Tower (c54l1208) (Lopez).

1954 - RM2(SS) Leo Lacasse (54-56) at Pine Key, FL (c54l1209) (Lopez).

Circa 1954 - A Chivo sailor topside. Send his name to Stan. Pic number (c54l1237) (Lopez).

1954 - (L to R) RMSN Charlie Johnson, TM3 Wes Loerich, EN3 John Keller, ICFN Don Birney, TM1 Joe Fedder, and TM2 Joe Gerwin play cards in the After Battery (c54l1238) (Lopez).

1954 - RMSN(SS) Charles "Chuck" Johnson (Norton) (c54n0079).

Jack Norton just after returning from Panama (Norton) (c54n0187).

1954 - EN1(SS) Bill Risher with his family in Key West (Norton) (c54n0189).