1954 Pictures - pg 2

1954 - USS Bushnell the Key West tender (c54l1202) (Lopez).

1954 - USS Chivo moored outboard destroyers (b54l1206) (Lopez).

1954 - USS Chivo moored in the center of a nest (b54l1213) (Lopez).

1954 - Chivo's knife bow (b54l1214) (Lopez).

1954 - USS Chivo moored in Kingston, Jamaica (b54l1232) (Lopez).

1954 - USS Chivo moored in GITMO (b54l1243) (Lopez).

1954 - (L to R) EM2(SS) Charles Jaeger, QM3(SS) Paul Lopez, and SN(SS) Billy Robbins (Hedum) (c54h1097).

1954 - (L to R) YN3(SS) Richard "Cornstalk" Reitz 53-56 and TM2(SS) John Hedum 52-56 (Hedum) (c54h1098).

June 1954 - Chuck Johnson (R), future Chivo sailor, gets a taste of submarines aboard the Sea Lion (Johnson) (c54j0203).

1954 - (L to R) YN3(SS) Dick "Cornstalk" Reitz (53-56), EN2(SS) George Cunningham (53-56), ET2(SS) Sherrell "Wolgy" Wolgamuth (53-56), and EM2(SS) Winton "Hoppie" Hewitt (53-56) at the Montego Beach Hotel in Jamaica (c54l1168) (Lopez).

1954 - (L to R) RM3(SS) John Lamb (52-54) and ICFN(SS) Dan Birney (52-53) in Chivo's after battery berthing (c54l1178) (Lopez).

1954 - (L to R) TM3(SS) "Wes" Loerich (51-55), EM3(SS) John "Zeke" Zwiller (52-53), and two unknown Chivo shipmates. Contact Stan if you can supply their names (c54l1179) (Lopez).

1954 - ET2(SS) Sherrell "Wolgy" Wolgamuth (53-56) (c54l1190) (Lopez).

1954 - EN3(SS) Vernon "Max" Arrell (52-54) (c54l1191) (Lopez).

1954 - EN2(SS) Gary Kirkpatrick (52-54) (c54l1192) (Lopez).

1954 - QM3(SS) Paul Lopez (52-56) relaxes at the pool in Key West (c54l1210) (Lopez).

1954 - EN3(SS) Vernon "Max" Arrell (52-54) stands the topside watch on Chivo (c54l1212) (Lopez).

1954 - ET1(SS) Willis Jones (52-54) riding a bike on the GITMO pier (c54l1215) (Lopez).

1954 - EN3(SS) John "Buggsy" Keller (53-56) topside (c54l1223) (Lopez).

1954 - (L to R) IC1 Herlan Buster, ET1 Willis Jones, TM3 Daniel Doar, EMC "Pappy" Allman, and TM1 Joe Fedder play cards in the After Battery (c54l1239) (Lopez).

1954 - (L to R) EN3(SS) Vernon "Max" Arrell (52-54), SN(SS) Billy "Robbie" Robbins (51-54), unknown, CS3(SS) Angelo "Church" Cerchia (50-53), and TM3(SS) Daniel Doar (52-56) topside. Send other names to Stan if you can. Picture number (c54l1240) (Lopez).