1956 Pictures - pg 3

1956 - The exercise torpedo floats at the end of its run (Plourd) (b56p0663).

1956 - CHIVO's swimmer goes after the torpedo (Plourd) (b56p0664).

1956 - The swimmer attaches a retrieval line (Plourd) (b56p0665).

1956 - CHIVO maneuvers alongside the torpedo (Plourd) (b56p0666).

1956 - The torpedo is hoisted out of the water (Plourd) (b56p0667).

1956 - The torpedo is swung over to the loading skid (Plourd) (b56p0668).

1956 - The torpedo is reloaded into the boat and will be made ready for another shot (Plourd) (b56p0669).

1956 - TM3(SS) Joe Funke (56-58 & 70) is ready to party (Neff) (c56n0901).

1956 - CHIVO Ship's Party - 4th from left is EN1(SS) Bill Risher, far right is TM3(SS) F.A. Wida, others unknown (Neff) (c56n0902).

1956 - CHIVO Ship's party - Front right in dark suit is EN1(SS) James Kilgallon, others unknown (Neff) (c56n0903).

1956 - CHIVO Ship's party - light suit is TM1(SS) Jack Pool, far right is "Moose" name unknown (Neff) (c56n0904).

1956 - IC3(SS) Walter Watson and RM3(SS) Jack Cooper topside after CHIVO's 3000th dive (Neff) (c56n0959).

1956 - Left unknown, SO3(SS) Gary Tarbox on the right (Neff) (c56n0960).

1956 - ( L to R) back row - Donald Burger, Vachel Applebee, and Roger Ayotte. front row Gary Tarbox and Clyde Stoltz (Neff) (c56n0961).

1956 - SO3(SS) Gary Tarbox (Neff) (c56n0962).

1956 - EN2(SS) George Cunningham (53-56) (Neff) (c56n0987).

1956 - (L to R) TMC(SS) Tex Reilly, EN2(SS) George Cunningham, EN1(SS) Earl Risher, QM3(SS) Paul Lopez, EM2(SS) Winton "Hoppie" Hewitt and ET2(SS) Sherrell "Wolgy" Wolgamuth (Neff) (c56n0988).

1956 - (L to R) Sherrell "Wolgy" Wolgamuth, John Hedum, Walter Watson, Chuck Johnson, and Roger Ayotte (Neff) (c56n0989).