1956 Pictures - pg 4

1956 - USS CHIVO (SS-341) in Key West (Neff) (b56n1004).

1956 - Sub Base Key West (Neff) (b56n1010).

August 1956 - Chivo moored at pier #56 in New York City on the north side of the Hudson River (Wilhite) (b56w0124).

1956 - USS CHIVO ship's party (Neff) (c56n0963).

1956 - USS CHIVO ship's party. EN2(SS) John "Speedy" Gonzales in the center (Neff) (c56n0964).

1956 - USS CHIVO ship's party (Neff) (c56n0965).

1956 - USS CHIVO ship's party (Neff) (c56n0966).

1956 - EMC(SS) Lester Murray on board CHIVO (Neff) (c56n0967).

1956 - USS CHIVO underway (Neff) (c56n0968).

Jamaica 1956 - (L to R) back row - Tarbox, Applebee, Ayotte, and the CO, Cleo Mitchell. front row - Donald Burger, "Budd" Neff, and Clyde Stoltz (Neff) (c56n0969).

1956 - (L to R) standing - "Budd" Neff and Roy Wilhite. In front is "Indian Joe" name unknown (Neff) (c56n0970).

1956 - (L to R) EN2(SS) Donald Vincent and EN1(SS) Earl "Bill" Risher (Neff) (c56n0971).

1956 - QM1(SS), later QMC, Eugene McNamee (Neff) (c56n0973).

1956 - EN2(SS) John "Speedy Gonzales 54-61 (Neff) (c56n0976).

1956 - TM3(SS) Danny Doar 52-56 (Neff) (c56n0977).

1956 - (L to R) SN(SS) Roger Ayotte, TM2(SS) Roderick Summer, and "Warhead" (Neff) (c56n0990).

1956 - LT James Wilson and QMC(SS) Eugene McNamee cleaning fish (Neff) (c56n0991).

1956 - CHIVO fishing trip. Jack Cooper caught one. Lawrence Brown didn't. (Neff) (c56n0992).