1956 Pictures - pg 5

1956 - EM2(SS) Charles Jaeger and END3(SS) Alfred "Budd" Neff (Neff) (c56n0993).

1956 - (L to R) George Glenn, Tex Reilly, Richard Gallipeau, Eugene McNamee and Roger Ayotte at a CHIVO beer ball game (Neff) (c56n0994).

1956 - END3(SS) Alfred "Budd" Neff in the After Engine Room Hatch (Neff) (c56n0995).

Thanksgiving 1956 - (L to R) Jim Swift, Lester Murray, Michael Gore, and Billy McPherson (Neff) (c56n0996).

1956 - EN2(SS) Donald Vincent, others unknown (Neff) (c56n0997).

1956 - The CHIVO Gang after 3000 dives. ( L to R ) "Wolgy" Wolgamuth, "Hoppie" Hewitt, Rey Plourd, Paul Lopez, Jack Cooper, and Roger Ayotte (Neff) (c56n0998).

1956 - TMC(SS) Tex Reilly (52-56) COB (Neff) (c56n1000).

1956 - "Budd" Neff (Neff) (c56n1001).

1956 - EM2(SS) Charles Jaeger and IC3(SS) Walter Watson (Neff) (c56n1002).

1956 - "Budd" Neff (Neff) (c56n1003).

1956 - EM2(SS) James Cullip (Neff) (c56n1005).

1956 - Four weeks at sea and no clean clothes (Neff) (c56n1006).

1956 - (L to R standing) YN3(SS) Richard "Cornstalk" Reitz, EN1(SS) John "Pappy" Clum, unknown, END3(SS) Alfred "Budd" Neff, and ICFN(SS) Gary "Bo" Hensley in front. (Neff) (c56n1007).

1956 - ( L to R ) "Bo" Hensley, "Cornstalk" Reitz, "Budd" Neff then others unknown (Neff) (c56n1008).

1956 - "Budd" Neff on topside watch (Neff) (c56n1009).

1956 - third from left is "Speedy" Gonzales, Jack Cooper, Gary Tarbox, and Donald Vincent (Neff) (c56n1011).

1956 - (L to R standing) Richard Reitz, unknown, unknown, unknown, Vachel Applebee, Chet Shanholtzer, and "Speedy" Gonzales. (L to R in front) Roger Ayotte, Jim Cullip, and Robert Sukow. (Neff) (c56n1013).

1956 - The CHIVO gang (Neff) (c56n1014).