1958 Pictures

Jun 23, 1958 - Getting underway from Key West (Davenport) (b58d0367).

Aug 15, 1958 - RM1(SS) Davenport grabs a breath of fresh air on the bridge before the next dive (Davenport) (c58d0366).

Aug 15, 1958 - LTjg LeRoy Collins Jr. takes the Deck and the Conn somewhere in the North Atlantic (Davenport) (c58d0368).

Jun 22, 1958 - ENFN(SS) James Atchison mans the topside west in Key West with USS Howard W. Gilmore, the sub tender in the background (Davenport) (c58d0369).

July 25, 1958 - Helensburg, Scotland - (L to R) ENFN(SS) Atchison, ??, RM1(SS) Davenport, ICFN(SS) Jewett (Davenport) (c58d0370).

Fishing at sea (Gonzales) (c58g0846).

1958 - EN2(SS) "Speedy" Gonzales-Lusk (54-61) with LTJG Truman Fugate (57-58) in maneuvering (Hodge) (c58h1482).

1958 - EN2(SS) Pete Raber (57-60) (Hodge) (c58h1483).

1958 - TM3(SS) Joe Funke on what looks like the Battery in Charleston. Nice socks, Joe (Neff) (c58n0913).

Circa 1955-58 - CHIVO crew member - name unknown (Neff) (c58n0914).

Circa 1958 - (L to R) TM3(SS) Joe Funke, END3(SS) "Budd" Neff, and unknown crew member on the Battery in Charleston (Neff) (c58n0915).