1963 Pictures

1963 - USS CHIVO moored underway (McWaters)(b63m1117).

1963 Chivo underway (Rader).

1963 the Chivo engineering gang standing (L to R) Ltjg Eichman, ENC Bien, EN1 Beane, EN1 Grady, EMFA Pettit, Ens Lavery, Lt Barnette. front row (L to R) FN Morris, EN1 Catron, EN1 Connors, FN Budnaitis. (c63b0054)(Beane).

Circa 1963 - LCDR Jim D'Orso gives Jim Landherr an "Atta Boy" during a personnel inspection at the "Yard Barracks" (D'Orso).

Oct 26, 1963 - Sorry guys this ain't the CHIVO... it's the SENNET... but I thought that you might recognize that famous mess cook on the left. It's EN1(SS) Jeter Brock. The crew bought him a day of mess cooking to raise funds for a charity. Jeter says that although he didn't have to put up with the normal BS that goes with mess cranking, it was still one of his worst days in the Nav (Gorman).