1964 Pictures

1964 - Rota, Spain (Brooks).

Chivo at sea, circa 1964 (Nelson).

1964 - Somewhere in the Med - FT3(SS) Seth Joy and SA Allan "Stubby" Weese (Brooks).

1964 - SK2(SS) Robert Mallery, port lookout (Brooks).

1964 - I always called him by his first name, Chief, but his real name is EMC(SS) Napolean Bonville. (Brooks).

1964 - Morning at sea. The warm sticky buns and hot coffee will be up soon (Brooks).

1964 - QM3(SS) Curtis Brooks models the latest in sub casual for FT3(SS) Seth Joy (Brooks).

1964 - A topside view (Brooks).

1964 - The seaman gang doing a little preventative maintenance (Brooks).

Early 1965 - LCDR Frederick T. Heath, CHIVO's C.O., pins Good Conduct Medals on MM2(SS) Weldon Moore and EN2(SS) William Davis (W. Davis).

1964 - Jim Dodd (64-66) in his apartment on the Battery in Charleston. Notice the full bottle of Dewar’s White Label Scotch Whisky, although I think the Playboy had been opened (Dowdy) (c64d1115).

1964 - FTMSN(SS) Gerald Crozier (Dodd)(c64d1537).

1964 - Chivo's softball team (Landherr).

Late 63/early 64 - Chivo at sea in the North Atlantic on SUBWINTEX 1-64 (Landherr).

1964 - Chivo at sea in North Atlantic on SUBWINTEX 1-64. Back row (L to R) Sam Sigmund, Thurman Eichman, Russ Pimm, Eric Nelson, Richard Lavery, Jim D'Orso, and British Sub Officer. Front row (L to R) Jim Hodde, ? , visiting communications officer, Jim Bell (Nelson).

1964 - Capt Eric Nelson escorting "Miss Flame" on a tour of Chivo. Miss Flame represented the Charleston United Way fund drive (Nelson).

1964 - Capt Nelson, under the watchful eye of Commodore Alexander, COMSUBRON 4, is rewarded by Miss Flame for her special tour through the boat (Nelson).

11 Dec 1964 - Change of Command Lcdr Eric Nelson, Commodore Zurcher, Lcdr Fred Heath (Nelson).

1964 - Lcdr Nelson with wife Clare and Lcdr Heath with his family (Nelson).

Summer of 1964 - Capt Nelson inspects the crew at a special ceremony to award Chivo the "Torpedo Performance and Fire Control Excellence Award" and the "Battle Efficiency E Award" (Nelson).

11 Dec 1964 - Incoming CO, Lcdr F.T. Heath cutting cake with outgoing CO, Lcdr Eric Nelson, on board USS Howard W. Gilmore (AS-16) (Nelson).

11 Dec 1964 - The front and back of the Change of Command program when LCDR Nelson was relieved by LCDR Heath (Emory).

11 Dec 1964 - The inside of the Change of Command program when LCDR Nelson was relieved by LCDR Heath (Emory).