1965 Pictures - pg 1

Circa 1964-66 USS CHIVO entering port (Brooks).

Med Cruise 1965 - Chivo entering Malta (T. Jackson).

Circa 1964-66 - This appears to be (L to R) Becuna SS319, Halfbeak SS352, Tusk SS426, Hardhead SS365, Amberjack SS522, Chivo SS341, and Haddo SSN604 moored to Howard W. Gilmore AS16 in Charleston. Does anyone know the circumstances or significance of this photo? Contact Stan if you have add'l info (Kleintank).

24 March 1965 - USS CHIVO arrives in Malta (Mayfield).

1965 - Chivo mooring at Guantanamo Bay Cuba (GTMO) (Norris) (b65n1100).

QM3(SS) Curtis Brooks 64-66 (Brooks).

QM3(SS) Curtis Brooks 64-66 (Brooks).

QM3(SS) Curtis Brooks 64-66 (Brooks).

1965 - Capt Heath presents an accomadation to STS1(SS) John Clews in recognition of his advancement to first class. (Clews).

Med cruise 1965 - (R to L) "Catfish" Garner CS2(SS) and Tom Jackson EM3(SS). Sitting by the sail Jack Lehnert STS2(SS) and William Tallant STS3(SS) (T. Jackson).

Naples, Italy 1965 - (L to R) Larry "Spider" Eickmeier, Antnon "Tony" Gualtieri, and James Thomas "Johnny" Johnson (T. Jackson).

Lisbon, Portugal 1965 - Thomas L. Jackson EM3(SS) (T. Jackson).

1965 - Thomas Jackson in Cannes France (T. Jackson).

1965 - TM3(SS) - soon to be TM2(SS) - Jim Severin receives a letter of recognition from Capt Heath (Mayfield).

Feb 1965 - Athens, Greece - TM2(SS) Dave Shute (L) and RM3(SS) James Crump (R) visit the Parthenon (Shute).

Chivo's official seal bears the embossed inscription "Department of the Navy" on the top and "USS Chivo" on the lower half (James Howard) (m01h0005).

Ship's ID Card (Brooks).

Circa 1964-66 - Periscope photo from CHIVO (Brooks).

1965 - Jamaica (Norris) (m65n1099).

1965 - Bum boats in Jamaica (Norris) (m65n1104).

1965 - The crew barge, aka the GTMO Hilton, in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (Norris) (m65n1106).