1968 Pictures Pg 2

1968 - Jorge Bauermeister of San Juan, PR sent in this pic of USS Chivo and USS Bang at Isla Grande Naval Base in San Juan, PR. (b68b1722).

circa 1968 - USS CHIVO moored from GITMO for a dependents cruise. I remember T.J. Parker standing aft of the sail. With dependents on deck and others on the pier, he made the sign of the cross as lines were cast off. I heard gasps from the dependents around me. If you look carefully you can see two females in bright colors on the forward deck (Cappucci)(b68c0890).

circa 1968 - USS CHIVO moored at Pier Lima in Charleston (Cappucci)(b68c0891).

June 1968 - Chivo in the Azores during the search for USS Scorpion (SSN 589) (McAteer)(b68m0117).

Circa 1968 - CHIVO prepares to relieve another sub at FLETRAGRU GTMO (McAleer).

1968 - Chivo underway (Rapp).

USS CHIVO underway in the mid to late 60's in Charleston Harbor. That's Ft. Sumpter just aft of her sail (Dan Smith).

02 June 1968 - USS CHIVO arrives at Ponta Delgada, capital of the Azores, during the search for USS Scorpion (Seibert) (b68s1114).

2005 - That's "Scuba Tom" Dean (68-70) on the bottom learning to skydive. (Dean) (c68d0897).

Weapons Dept 68 left to right standing, ?,Severin, Campbell, Taylor, ?, ? kneeling, Hinsley, Torres, Kramer, Garrow, Warner, Ltjg Lasky (Neil Kramer)(c68k0158).

2003 - IC2(SS) Chick McAleer (68-70) in his whites cut the cake at our 2005 reunion (McAleer) (c68m0735).

1968-1970 - LTJG Doug Plummer on Chivo's bridge (Rainwater).

1968 - EN3(SS) Frank Virgin does his laundry in the After Engine Room (Rainwater).

2002 - CDR M. E. "Linn" Young, Commanding Officer 68-70. Linn departed on Eternal Patrol in Aug 2005. (Young) (c68y0497).

1968 - Guantanamo Bay, Cuba - Our home away from home - The GTMO Hilton (McAteer).

1968 - The GTMO Hilton with its dolphin flag flying proudly (Tidd).

Chivo's final patch (p70p0004).