1969 Pictures - pg 1.

USS CHIVO about 1969 (McAleer).

CHIVO returns to GTMO after daily operations (McAleer).

Circa 1969 - CHIVO line handlers preparing to enter port (McAleer).

Circa 1969 - CHIVO mooring in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (McAleer).

Circa 1969 - CHIVO entering GTMO (Guantanamo Bay, Cuba) (McAleer).

Circa 1969 - CHIVO mooring at GTMO (Guantanamo Bay, Cuba) (McAleer).

GTMO 1969 - Normal circ water #1 main engine (McAleer).

GTMO 1969 - CHIVO moors outboard of the SS-399 (McAleer).

Circa 1969 - CHIVO prepares to relieve another sub at FLETRAGRU GTMO (McAleer).

1969 - "Scuba Tom" Dean (L) and "Chick" McAleer (R) topside in GTMO (Dean).

1969 - "Chick" McAleer topside in GTMO (Dean).

2001 - QM2(SS) David Grey (69-71) and Sheila at their home in Charlotte (Grey) (c69g0180).

1969 - Most of the crew lost their shirts when underway without air conditioning in GTMO. (L to R) EN2(SS) Francis Daigle and IC2(SS) John Sease (McAleer) (c69m0374).

1969 - RM2(SS) Tom Dean stands the starboard lookout watch (McAleer).

2002 - TN(SS) Serafin N. "Penny" Moreno 69-70 (Moreno) (c69m0499).

1969 - I never understood why the GTMO Gods always made an effort to keep the submariners away from the other sailors (McAleer).

1969 - FTG3(SS) Mike Kemp opens a beer on the GTMO barge - by Navy tradition the sign above the bar says, "He who drinks or orders covered here shall buy the bar a round of cheer" (McAleer) (c69m0712).

1969 - After a long day under the sea, it's "Miller Time." TM2(SS) Johnny Hinsley (66-69) tends bar, ENC(SS) Bill Rose (65-71) with a mustache sits behind him, and a shirtless TM2(SS) Jim Severin (64-69) sits on the far left (McAleer).

A nice collage by Mike Rainwater (m01r0265).

Norfolk Reunion 2003 - USSVI flag (McAleer).

1969 - A Studebaker in the GTMO rush hour traffic (McAleer).