1969 Pictures - pg 3.

Circa 1969 - Movie time at the GTMO theater. That's a bedsheet on the CHIVO's sail and a projector on the pier with lots of popcorn and lots of beer (McAleer).

GTMO 1969 - (L to R) EN3(SS) Don Dixon, FTG3(SS) Mike Kemp, MM2(SS) Paul Langan, and IC2(SS) Chick McAleer belt out another chorus of "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall" (McAleer) (c69m0730).

Circa 1969 - The crew's mess on board USS CHIVO (SS 341) (McAleer).

Circa 1969 - Torpedo recovery meant puting a swimmer in the water. The warm Caribbean was full of sharks, so we posted an armed shark watch on the bridge (McAleer).

Circa 1969 - A smoke marks the torpedo's location (McAleer).

Circa 1969 - The swimmer attaches a nose line to the torpedo (McAleer).

1969 - Mike rainwater, AKA Indian, in Hogan's Alley (Rainwater).

Circa 1969 - STS3(SS) Mike Rainwater (69-71) topside on CHIVO. (c69r1525)(Rainwater).