Pictures in Argentina

Chivo finished her sucessful career in the Argentine Navy (elsnorkel).

Circa 1972-80 A.R.A. Santiago del Estero (S-22) (ex-Chivo) arriving at Mar del Plata Navy base (b72f1526) (Feduzi).

Circa 1972-80 - Santiago del Estero (ex-Chivo) and Santa Fe (ex Cat Fish) in drydock (b72f1527) (Feduzi).

Argentina's Santiago Del Estero (ex Chivo) was damaged but survived the Falkland Islands war (b72p0087).

1973 - Santiago Del Estero (S-22) (Ex Chivo) served in the Argentine Navy from 1971 until 22 Nov 1983 when she was sold for scrap (b73a0128).

Torpedo room onboard Santiago Del Estero (S-22) (Ex Chivo) (b73a0129).

Another view of the torpedo room onboard Santiago Del Estero (S-22) (Ex Chivo) (b73a0130).

Circa 1973 - CHIVO, now Santiago Del Estero, in an Argentine drydock (Pollard) (b73p0438).

Circa 1973 - CHIVO, now Santiago Del Estero, underway off the coast of Argentina (Pollard) (b73p0439).

1982 - During the Malvina's war (Falkland's war), the British intelligence was looking for our submarines. One of them, the Santiago del Estero, (ex Chivo) was out of service; old, tired, without sonar dome, resting in Mar del Plata Navy Base, helping the submarine school. However, during April 1982, hidden, the submarine sailed from Mar del Plata to Puerto Belgrano Navy Base. The submarine sailed herself during around 30 hours, with her 4 engines running and with the hydraulic system in service. The Santiago del Estero reached its ultimate destination, at 0540 am, with the first light in the morning, when this picture was taken. (b82f1531) (Feduzi).

Circa 1972-80 - Andres Feduzi working in Santiago del Estero (ex-Chivo) engine room (c72f1528) (Feduzi).

Circa 1972-80 - Andres Feduzi resting on board Santiago del Estero (ex-Chivo) (c72f1529) (Feduzi).

Andres Feduzi later in his career in the cockpit of a P-3 Orion (c82f1530) (Feduzi).