Reunion Pictures

Sep 2000 - Part of Chivo's Decomm crew. Standing (L to R) David Grey, Jeter Brock, Chuck Downs, Jeff Stoops, Billy Taylor, Doug Plummer, and Howard Hinton. In front - Stan Pollard and Danny Wright (Wright) (r00w0266).

Reunion 2001 - Robert Rourk (64-66) & Jim Dodd (64-66) (Brooks) (r01b0536).

Reunion 2001 - Captain Heath 65-66 and Bob McGinn 59-66 (Brooks) (r01b0543).

Reunion 2001 - Donna and Gerald Smith 65-66 (Brooks) (r01b0553).

Reunion 2001 - Larry Eickmeier 63-66 (Brooks) (r01b0559).

Reunion 2001 - Captain Frederick Heath 65-66 (Brooks) (r01b0563).

Reunion 2001 - After Battery table #14 (Stoops) (r01s0294).

Reunion 2001 - The "Young Goats," Capt Young's crew 68-70, muster on the beach for photo ops (Strickland) (r01s0465).

Reunion 2001 - The photographer had to shoot from a third floor balcony to get all the crew in the group photo (Taylor) (r01t0300).

Reunion 2001 - On Friday we all gathered for "Show and Tell" No sea stories were allowed (Whitney) (r01w0280).

Reunion 2001 - (L to R) ?, ?, and MoMM1 Richard Reitz (45-47) - Send the other names to Stan (Whitney) (r01w0286).

2002 - Jim and Mary Landherr 62-64 at the Chasn mini-reunion for the 60's crew (Brooks) (r02b0520).

60's Mini Reunion - Chasn 2002 - "Bart" Lockwood (61-63), Fred Heath (65-66), and Dick Kiel (59-63) (Brooks) (r02b0531).

Norfolk 2003 - Liz Segars and Dan Cobb (62-64) at the CPO club (Cobb) (r03c0688).

Reunion 2003 - (L to R) Martha & Jack Norton and Joanne & John Hedum on the naval base tour in Norfolk (Hedum) (r03h1083).

Reunion 2003 - Welcome banner on the front of the Radisson (McAleer) (r03m0690).

Reunion 2005 - Orem A. "Soupy" Campbell EN2(SS) 49-52 lead our memorial service at the reunion (Campbell) (r05c0899).

Reunion 2005 - Springmaid Beach Resort from the air (Pollard) (r05p0790).