Reunion Pictures

Reunion 2001 - Dave Scott, Fred Heath, ?, ?, and Larry Eickmeier - Send the names to Stan (Brooks) (r01b0545).

Reunion 2001 - MM2(SS) Philip Hageman 64-66 (Brooks) (r01b0551).

Reunion 2001 - ETSN(SS) Billy Priest (64-65)(Brooks) (r01b0556).

Reunion 2001 - (L-R) Donna Smith (65-66) and Bob & Joan Rourk (64-66) (Brooks) (r01b0566).

Reunion 01 - The Grand Strand Patriotic Alliance, made up of disabled veterans, rendered honors to our departed shipmates with a twenty one gun salute, TAPS, and the bosun pipe (Stoops) (r01s0221).

Reunion 2001 - The 60's gang (Strickland) (r01s0276).

Reunion 2001 - "Jethro" Stoops ET2(SS) 68-71 from Pittsburg, CA assumes the quarterdeck watch (Stoops) (r01s0292).

Reunion 2001 - Mustering for Photo Ops (Strickland) (r01s0302).

Oct 2001 - Linn Young (68-70) Tucson, AZ and Jim Dafoe (69-71) Ft. Meyers, FL plan our next underway (Taylor) (r01t0269).

Reunion 2001 - Getting down to the business of planning Reunion 2003 (Taylor) (r01t0303).

Reunion 2001 - Please send the names to Stan (Whitney) (r01w0283).

Reunion 2001 - EMC(SS) William R. Schmidt (45-49) (Departed on Eternal Patrol just after our 2005 reunion) (Whitney) (r01w0348).

60's Mini Reunion - Chasn 2002 - Sandy and Bill Rader (62-63) (Brooks) (r02b0525).

2002 - Tommy "TJ" Parker 62-68 and Jim Dodd 64-66 at the Chasn mini-reunion for the 60's crew (Brooks) (r02b0528).

Reunion 2003 - Duncan Packer and Jack Cooper check out the berthing area on the USS Minneapolis-St. Paul (SSN 708) (Dean) (r03d0720).

Reunion 2003 - (L to R) Joanne Hedum with Dick & Joan Reitz on the Williamsburg tour (Hedum) (r03h1086).

2003 - IC2(SS) Chick McAleer (68-70) still fits in his uniform... OK, you can breath now, Chick (McAleer) (r03m0736).

Reunion 2005 - Live Oaks at the Springmaid Beach Resort (Pollard) (r05p0783).