Reunion Pictures

2002 - ETR2(SS) Charles Davis 50-53 (C. Davis) (c02d0440).

2006 - (L to R) Judy and Willie Taylor (67-71) with Bunny and Mike Rainwater (69-71) at Rain's home in Arkansas (Rainwater) (c06r1113).

Reunion 2001 - and some great golfing in Myrtle Beach - supply the names to Stan if you can. (Brooks) (r01b0579).

Crew year group photos at reunion 2001 (Murn) (r01p0208)

Reunion 2001 - Sheila Dunn, Bunny Rainwater, and Lottie Daigle make their starring debut Myrtle Beach's House of Blues (Rainwater) (r01r0320).

Reunion 2001 - Forward Battery table # 5 (Rainwater) (r01r0335).

Reunion 2001 - After Battery Battery table # 10 (Rainwater) (r01r0336).

Reunion 2001 - After Battery Battery table # 3 (Rainwater) (r01r0341).

Reunion 2001 - Check ins at the reunion started at the registration table manned by 3 "original" Chivo ladies: Gail Hinton, Martha Hinsley, and Bonnie Moore. Howard Hinton was there also to hand you your qual card and inform you that you were DINK...(Rainwater) (r01r0342).

Reunion 2001 - Chivo's last seaman gang - L to R - Stanley Stles (69-70), Herb Neilson (69-71), Mike "Indian" Rainwater (69-71), Warren "Armpit" Armbruster (69), and Jackie Toney (69-70) (Rainwater) (r01r0343).

Reunion 2001 - Viv Wright - Party Animal (Rainwater) (r01r0345).

Reunion 01 - Jeff Stoops & Linn Young (Stoops) (r01s0210).

Reunion 01 - Chuck Downs and Jeter Brock remember some of their departed shipmates. (Stoops) (r01s0211).

Reunion 01 - Chivo's crew from the early years muster (Stoops). (Help me fill in the names) (r01s0212)

Reunion 01 - Phil and Susan Goodwill (Stoops) (r01s0213).