System Drawings

Circa 1964 - Chivo's forward tank arrangement. Safety tank held the same weight in water as what compartment? (T. Jackson).

Circa 1964 - Chivo's after tank arrangement. Normal Fuel Oil tank #7 (NFO 7) was used as what? (T. Jackson).

Circa 1964 - Chivo's trim and drain systems. How are the trim and drain pumps alike? How are they different? (T. Jackson).

Circa 1964 - Chivo's LP Blow System. Where was the LP Blower operated from? (T. Jackson).

Circa 1964 - HP Main Ballast Blow. Main ballast tanks were blown with 600 psig air yet most of the ballast tanks were "soft" tanks capable of withstanding only about 12 to 15 lbs of differential pressure. How was that possible? (T. Jackson).

Circa 1964 - Fuel Filling & Compensating Water System - Why did the drain pump discharge to the compensating water system? (T. Jackson).

Circa 1964 - Forward Fresh Water & Distilling System. Fresh water tanks #1 & #2 were located in the Forward Battery. Where did you sound these tanks to determine how much water was in them? (T. Jackson).

Circa 1964 - After Fresh Water & Distilling System. For the "Young Goat Boaters" - Where'd we get that great Oasis water cooler that was hooked up in the Engine Room? (T. Jackson).