We All Did It!
and we did it on every boat we served on.


This series of web pages is dedicated to submarine qualifications.   Submarines are made up of complex systems operating under extreme pressures and conditions where even small mistakes can be disasterous.   Their crews are small and therefore they must rely on every man doing his job.   It was imperative that every crew member on a submarine had a thorough knowledge of all the ship's systems, their basic operstion and emergency damage control procedures.   Quoting from the Enlisted Requirements for Submarine Qualifications manual:  "The first duty of any unqualified man reporting on board a submarime is to commence the qualification program . . ."   That says it all!   Pretty much the first words said to a new man reporting on board were, "Welcome Aboard.   Now get qualified!"

It didn't end there.   Non-qualified men were rousted out of their bunks first thing in the morning and expected to spend their every waking minute when not on watch working on their submarine qualifications.   They were required to maintain a certain rate of progress on their qualifications, and if they fell behind they lost priviledges like movies and liberty.   Nothing in the world was lower that a delinquent, non-qualified sailor!   And like I said in the heading, you had to requalify on every boat you served on.

Becoming qualified was so important, that the United States Submarine Veterans Inc. (USSVI) has a special society for submariners who earned their dolphins more that fifty years ago, the Holland Club.   Contact USSVI.org for more information about the Holland Club or you can contact me at 341.stan@gmail.com.

This first set of pages comes from the qualification manual of EM3(SS) Thomas L. Jackson (1964-1967).   Unfortunately, Tom departed on Eternal Patrol in 2017, but if you were a shipmate of Tom's you may find your signature on some of qualification pages.

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Now, Get Qualified!

If you have pictures, drawings or any other items of interest related to submarine qualifications and would like to share them with the crew on our web page, send them to me at 341.stan@gmail.com or call phone (330) 526-1963 and leave a message.   I will return your call.

Get Qualified!