Chivo Crew Roster - By Alpha : P
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P = Present and Accounted For
EP = Eternal Patrol
UA = Located and Lost Again

Status Name Rate Years Aboard Location Notes
EP Packer, Duncan LCDR 1960-1963 on board twice - 10th CO
EP Packer, Duncan LTJG 1949-1951 on board twice
  Page, Clarence H. FN 1951-1952  
EP Page, Harold C. RMC 1958  
  Palmer, Frank J. FA 1956  
EP Paquette, Raymond E. MoMM3 1946-1948  
  Parker, Ashley Stephens Jr. MoMM2 1945 Plankowner
P Parker, James Ned IC3 1959-1960 Englewood FL "Ned"
  Parker, Robert Dean ST1 1967  
EP Parker, Tommy J. CS1 1962-1968 "TJ" - on board 6 years
EP Parks, John R. RM1 1959-1960  
  Parks, Paul Anthony MM3 1965-1966  
EP Parsons, Thomas B. FT3 1953  
EP Parten, Basil M. RM1 1960-1962  
EP Passerine, Nando F. TMC 1949-1950  
  Pastiva, Tracy C. TM3 1968  
  Patterson, Frank D. RM1 1960-1961  
P Patterson, Lester E. EM3 1958-1959 Colorado Springs CO "Corky"
EP Paul, John H. EN3 1958  
P Paulk, Ernest J. QM3 1963-1966 Live Oak FL  
  Pearson, Marvin A. TM1 1967  
  Peikert, Jerry W. TM2 1970  
EP Pence, Enoch W. ICC 1947-1948  
EP Pendergraph, Dallas R. ET1 1951 "Pappy"
EP Pennington, Roscoe C. SD3 1947-1948 lost on Thresher
  Perisich, John B. SN 1949-1950  
  Perkins, William R. SN 1967-1968  
  Perry , Warren A. FA 1949  
EP Perry, Loyal A. TM1 1956  
UA Pervatt, Glendon SC1 1946-1948 Columbus OH  
P Peterson, Ian H. IC2 1971 Mannsville NY  
  Peterson, Max Adair CS2 1947-1948  
  Petite, Joseph G. ENFN 1949-1950  
EP Petrasunas, Joseph GM2 1947-1949  
UA Petray, William J. Jr. ETRSN 1961-1962 Pleasant Valley NY  
P Pettit, Edward D. EMFA 1963 Hillsboro MO  
EP Pettross, Lewis M. EN3 1959-1962  
EP Petty, William D. FN 1964-1966 "Doug"
P Pfeiffer, Peter W. ETM2 1946 Sierra Madre CA  
P Pfeiffer, Ronald F. TM2 1961-1965 Fenton MO  
  Phelps, James Russell TM1 1945 Plankowner
  Phillips, Charles M. MoMM2 1946-1947  
EP Picard, Joseph A. SC1 1945 Plankowner
P Pimm, Russell S. LT 1961-1964 Huntsville AL  
  Pitts, William A. FN 1947  
EP Plemons, Arnold G. LCDR 1945-1946 Plankowner - XO
EP Plourd, Reynold A. IC3 1955-1956 "Rey"
P Plummer, Douglas A. LTJG 1968-1970 Locust NC  
EP Pobuda, James F. ENC 1947-1948  
P Poff, John M. ETNSN 1964 Whitelake MI  
P Pollard, Stanton E. QM1 1968-1971 Wooster OH Decom Crew "Stan"
P Pollock, Gene C. IC2 1959-1962 Kailua HI  
  Ponder, Alvin Eugene FTM2 1966  
EP Ponder, Silas D. EN3 1952 "Dan"
EP Pool, Jack H. TM1 1957-1958  
EP Pope, Jerome W. TM2 1964-1966  
  Porter, Richard H. EMFA 1959  
EP Poston, Charles G. LTJG 1945 Plankowner
EP Poteet, Rudolph H. FT3 1950-1952  
EP Potokar, Raymond A. EM2 1959-1962 "Gizzy"
  Potter, Kenneth L. YNSN 1947-1948  
EP Powell, Julian R. CS1 1954-1955 "Mutt"
  Powers, David W. III LTJG 1966  
EP Powers, Frederick W. LTJG 1951-1953  
EP Powers, Richard M. TM2 1968-1971 "Warhead"
  Prenderville, Harold W. YN1 1955-1956  
EP Press, Walter T. CS1 1948  
EP Preston, William A. TMSA 1952-1953  
P Preuss, Clifford W. EM2 1958-1959 Taylor TX  
  Prevost, Victor A. HM1 1950  
  Price, Charles S. ET3 1948-1949  
P Price, John A. EMC 1947-1950 Westminster MD  
EP Price, Joseph T. ENC 1949-1952 "Joe"
  Priest, Ralph E. QM1 1964-1967  
P Priest, William C. ETRSN 1964-1965 Midlothian VA "Billy"
  Prudhomme, Alee P. Jr. RM2 1971  
EP Pruitt, James P. Jr. ENC 1960-1962 "Snakey"
EP Purcell, Richard A. MM3 1960-1962  
  Putnam, Clyde E. RM3 1964