Certified True      
     by CHIVO Crew  

100 Per Cent Honest to Goodness Sea Stories
as submitted by our own Totally Truthful crew members

You have all heard those ridiculously unbelieveable sea stories about submariners and submarine life.   Finally, the CHIVO crew will bring to you the real story - the no BS - the straight skinney - coming to you hot off the mess decks with almost no embellishment.

And if it's not 100 per cent true then I never caught that 47 lb large mouth bass in the lake behind my house.   But, as you can see, I have the picture to prove it!  So, Goat Boat Sailors, send in your sea stories to 341.stan@gmail.com, and I'll post them below.   But be careful, because I am going to hang your name on your tale, and the entire crew will be keeping you honest.

catching a big fish