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Mermaid Treasures

Below are some nice items to ensure that you are in the proper "Uniform of the Day" for the reunion.   We have shopped for the very best in quality and prices.   These clothes are definitely NOT "wellers."   And if you don't remember what a weller is, just ask any submarine electrician.   One bit of advice - SHOP EARLY, so we have plenty of time to get your treasures to you.

Welcome to our Store

USS CHIVO Placemats


Placemats or Pictures - you decide.

These beautiful, plastic laminated, reversible placemats are printed in full color with USS CHIVO and dolphins on the front side.   The reverse side has six pictures of CHIVO in her various configurations and CHIVO's four patches.   The placemats are so attractive that many have been framed for wall hangings.   Cost is $10.00 each.

Order your CHIVO placemats from Judy Pollard at the address below.


Submarine Shirts

Blue Shirt
make a great liberty uniform

These Golf-style shirts are a high-quality, cotton-poly blend, which require little care.   The shirts do not have pockets.

Color is Navy-Blue, and sizes are SM through XXXL.

Ladies shirts are available in the same color and in sizes SM through XXL.

The ship's name, a set of dolphins, and the hull number are embroidered on the left breast.   The dolphins can be Silver (enlisted) or Gold (officer).

Cost is $30.00 per shirt ($3.00 extra for sizes XXL and XXXL).   When ordering shirts be sure to specify quantity, size, shirt color, and dolphin color.   Include your phone number (in case we need to contact you), and your street address (not a P.O. Box) for delivery.

Submarine Jackets

Three Seasons Jacket

This dark blue jacket has a nylon shell which makes it rain resistant.   It has a fleece lining and fill to make it the perfect jacket for cold days and nights.   The jacket has zippered pockets and a hidden inside pocket.

The jacket comes embroidered with the gold (officer) or silver (enlisted) dolphin insignia, boat name and hull number.   Jacket can also be purchased with embroidered dolphins only (no boat name or hull number) for universal wear.   Available in sizes Small thru 5X.

Sizes Small thru 1X   $70.00
Sizes 2X thru 5x   $75.00

Navy Jacket
Jacket Back
Something Extra on the
Back of Your Jacket

For an additional &25.00 you can have the dolphin insignia embroidered on the back of your jacket.

License Plates and Frames

show your pride

Dolphin License Plates - These are metal plates painted Navy-Blue with a raised / embossed set of dolphins in Gold (officer) or Silver (enlisted).   Specify color of dolphins when ordering.

Each plate is $10.00

License Plates
License Plate Frame

Metal License Plate Frames - These metal frames have raised lettering on top which spells U.S. NAVY and SILENT SERVICE on the bottom with a small set of dolphins in the middle.

Frames are $15.00

Bumper stickers -Submarine Decal These are Navy-Blue, exterior bumper stickers approximately 3 in X 11 1/2 in. Stickers say SUBMARINE VETERAN in large block letters on the left. The right side has an oval with dolphins and USS CHIVO (SS-341).

Bumper stickers are $5.00


CHIVO's original patch
SS-341 B
CHIVO's last patch

Goat Boat

These are full-sized, color, cloth reproductions of CHIVO's four original patches.  Cost is $7.00 each or the set of all four patches for $25.00

Order your CHIVO patches from Judy Pollard at the address below.

SS-341 A
CHIVO's second and best known patch with Latin motto
SS-341 C
Unofficial, Disney version of patch with Mermaid & Ramfish

Ball Caps

CHIVO Ball Caps
in Black or Navy-Blue

These are top quality caps, embroidered with Gold or Silver dolphins and USS CHIVO (SS-341).
Adjustable, one size fits all.

$20.00 each or two for $38.00   Be sure to specify cap color and insignia color: Gold (officer) or Silver (enlisted).

Order caps from Judy Pollard
at the address below

Ball Cap
Order any of the above merchandise - Shirts, Jackets, Patches, Ornaments, License Plates, License Frames, Bumper Stickers, Ball Caps, and whatever from Judy and make your checks payable to:
Judy Pollard
871 South Shore Dr
Southport, NC

phone: (910) 477-0822     email: lakeslady871@gmail.com